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Are You Missing Out on The Best Happy Hour?

Ever feel like you’re in a social rut and want to enjoy happy hour, frequenting the same spots over and over again? Are you tired of missing out on exciting local events and the best happy hour deals because you just didn’t know they were happening?

It’s frustrating to hear about a fantastic event after it’s over, or learn about a great happy hour deal just as it’s wrapping up. Your social life deserves better.

With “Wuts the Deal”, these concerns become a thing of the past. Our app brings you personalized, location-based updates on the best happy hours and events near you. No more aimless searching or relying on word of mouth. Let “Wuts the Deal” be your ultimate guide to local exploration and fun.

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Geo-located Happy Hour Feed​

Discover the best happy hour deals around you, based on your current location​

Push Notifications

Receive timely alerts about local happenings in your area, so you never miss out on a great experience.​

Social Sharing

Save your favorite happy hours and events. Follow friends and businesses to see what they’re enjoying​

Local Events Page

Stay updated with the latest local events, all personalized for your location

Personalized Profile

Create your own unique profile to follow other users and businesses, and recieve updates tailored to your interests

Explore in Map View

Visualize all the nearby happy hours and events on a simple-to-navigate map.


Wuts the Deal" is a discovery platform that connects users with local happy hours and events, and provides businesses a space to promote their offerings to an engaged, local audience.

Yes, Wuts the Deal is free for users. You can download the app, create an account, and start discovering local events and happy hours at no cost.

Once you download the app and set your location, you'll find a list of happy hours and events happening near you on the happy hours and events pages.

The app uses geolocation technology to determine your location and shows you events and happy hours happening nearby.

Absolutely! You can use filters to adjust the radius distance business type, event type, drink specials, or even use the search feature.

Yes, you can like happy hour and event postings to save them to your profile.

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